You can find out the location of your products by entering the cargo tracking number.Cargo tracking form test code: A4564EGS

Truck Delivery

People have been asking us to develop a system that completes their Internet buying experience and we believe we have. The marketplace for the sale of used cars this year will be close to 50 million units and approximately a third of these will be sold online. You have to know that we DO NOT accept any vehicles to be shipped using our company without a thorough technical and legal inspection of the specific vehicle.

Sea Shipping

Across all oceans - From door to door. Best Shipping Confidence's sea freight products and services. We uniquely combine local know-how and unrivalled personal customer service with global reach, global strength and global expertise. Best Shipping Confidence ocean is the name of the new product family covering intermodal ocean transport from door to door in a time definite environment.

Air Transport

How quick? The decision is yours! Airfreight, a great service in no time at all. We offer global reach, global strength and global expertise. All this combined with local know-how and unrivalled personal customer service. Great service calls for global thinking and as one of the world's leading integrated logistics provider, we have a great deal to offer.

Third Party Agency

We act as a trusted middle-man for both the seller and buyer, offering them great security and fast movement for national and international transactions. Our fees are not cheap, but still, when dealing with your money or merchandise as we do the money is not important. If you will not be satisfied with our way of dealing with your belongings then we will refund you with any fee you have paid. Unlike our competitors, we process all your paperwork and label all your packages, saving you the stress of complicated jargon and confusing paperwork, so all you need to do is pack your goods into a suitable box

LTL - Less Than Truckload

Trans Go Pro offers a full range of less than truckload (LTL) services. Utilize our extensive regional, long haul and international freight shipping services for a sound, on-time delivery of your less than truckload (LTL) freight shipments.

Door to Door

We offer to take your shipment from the door at the originating address, transport it to the destination country, clear it through customs and then deliver it direct to the door at the destination address.

Door to Depot

Covers pickup from door at the originating address and transporting it to a depot at, or in the area of, the destination port or airport. Intercargo's responsibility ends at this point. It is your responsibility to clear your shipment through customs, to arrange the pickup of the goods and pay any local charges.

Complete Escrow and Shipping Service

Usually we take part at the selling process by offering our complete escrow and shipping services. We are not just a regular escrow service, we have the infrastructure to conduct authorized pre-buy inspection on electrical equipment and all types merchandises.



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